Bringing the Lessons from Typhoon Haiyan into the International Conversation

The OML Center’s Rafaela Jane Delfino joined the convening of Resilience Measurements Community of Practice read more

Fading El Niño, Brewing La Niña

After a strong and impactful year of El Niño, what's next? read more

Achieving a Level of Preparedness for Disasters

With the weakening of the El Niño and the onset of the rainy season, everyone is once again called upon to prepare – this time for La Niña, the opposite of El Niño, that is characterized by... read more

Rhythm of the falling rain

Now that the rainy season is officially here, there are some basic things about rain that you need to know so that you’ll be prepared whenever the rain pours. read more

Here comes the rain again

The recent afternoon rains that have begun to fall in various parts of the country are currently providing relief. However, we must not ignore the warnings that come with these blessings which are... read more

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Here comes the rain again

Adding Fun to Disasters

The Center introduces "Beware or Be +Aware: Disaster Challenge" at Walk the Talk, a wellness initiative of the Lopez Group

Here comes the rain again

Winners of Walk the Talk's Beware or Be +Aware: Disaster Challenge

The Center reveals the winners and best answers of last month's


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Regional Forum on Climate Change 2015

OML Center researchers will present at the Regional Forum for Climate Change (RFCC) which will be held at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Conference Center at Bangkok, Thailand on 1 – 3 July 2015.


Shape Up, Don't Shake It Off: An Environment Committee Learning Session on Disaster Management and Sustainability

The dialogue on climate change within the business sector continues in this learning session as part of the 2015 CSR Expo.