Communications Manager

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April 2, 2018
As our Chairman Emeritus turns 88, we launch the Oscar M. Lopez Legacy Lectures
May 7, 2018
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Communications Manager

Responsible for conceptualizing, planning and implementing our communications program with the aim of building the Center’s brand and promoting the adoption of Center-generated knowledge and tools.


The Communications Manager is responsible for conceptualizing, planning and implementing the organization’s internal and external communications program with the aim of promoting the adoption of Center-generated knowledge and tools on Climate Disaster Resilience and building the Center’s brand.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Strategic Planning
    • Cascade directions and objectives set by the Center and approved by its Board of Directors to the Unit Personnel for the preparation of detailed strategies and action plans for the planning horizon
    • Participate and contribute in the Center’s strategic planning
    • Review the Unit’s strategic plans and understand the key strategic priorities to aid in project prioritization of the Unit
    • Work with various groups in the Center to facilitate the development of the Unit’s annual projects portfolio and provide recommendations for prioritization based on projects value and criticality, and the Unit’s key strategic priorities
    • Examine all projects to determine their alignment with the Center strategic goals to ensure that projects’ successful execution will support the Center and/or Unit’s strategic plan
  2. Effective and Integrated Communications Strategy
    • Conduct an inventory and review of existing communication messages, channels, outputs
    • Perform social market research as necessary
    • Develop and implement an effective and integrated communications plan that will make the Center top-of- the-mind resource in the area of climate change adaptation, relative to the Center priorities
    • Develop and maintain selected communication channels
  3. Events Management
    • Manage and/or assist in the organization, coordination and implementation of events
    • Assist with the coordination of events
    • Provide advice on marketing and communications aspects of organizing an event
  4. Center  Collaterals
    • Develop and maintain institutional materials including but not limited to: institutional brochure, pull-up banners, campaign and event materials, calling cards, etc.
    • Manage the publications and promotions of Center materials, including design and printing ensuring that communication outputs are of a high standard, respond to the needs of the target audience, and are delivered within agreed budget and timelines
    • Manage production and dissemination of impactful and fit-for-purpose publications and campaigns
    • Develop contents for various communication platforms
    • Lead the development of Center’s annual and monthly reports
  5. Public Relations
    • Coordinate media and public affairs activities to promote the Center aimed at projecting the Center as a thought leader in the discussion of climate change
    • Maintain and develop links with local and international media outlets to facilitate good communication and ensure fair and accurate coverage of the Center and wider sector activities
    • Prepare media statements or press releases
    • Respond to media enquiries
    • Recruit and maintain media partnerships
    • Manage PR and press relations
  6. Print and Online Presence
    • Identify and optimize appropriate print, social media, blog campaigns and online channels to generate interaction, brand exposure, and climate action
    • Manage and regularly update web site
    • Develop social media profiles and quality content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn
    • Monitor and maintain effectiveness and engagement level of institutional web site and social media accounts
    • Create, adapt, improve and optimize web communication for SEO and organic and keyword searches
    • Develop other, relevant social media outlets to support and expand our digital presence
    • Develop and implement email campaigns
    • Transform content to ensure easy sharing with social networks
    • Develop and implement customer service response to common complaints and a process in which they are resolved and communicated
  7. Issues Management
    • Develop and implement communications strategies for key issues that can affect the Center, its non-profit and corporate families, or the climate change sector’s image
    • Identify issues/activities/events in the sector that are likely to become media issues
    • Recommend strategies to manage the issues, including identifying appropriate responses and communication channels
  8. Management
    • Oversee Communications Unit, ensuring successful and efficient implementation of all unit projects and activities
    • Effectively document processes and progress of the Communications Unit, which includes preparation and submission of unit reports
    • Prepare budget proposal and ensure efficient and appropriate use of approved budget
    • Directly supervise the Design Associate to ensure fulfillment of any and all relevant tasks
    • Take responsibility for all actions and the overall performance of the Design Associate and the Communications Unit
  9. Employees Training and Staff Development
    • Attend seminars, conventions, government forums, etc., to keep abreast with new developments in Climate Change
    • Prepare and discuss individual performance of the Design Associate based on agreed performance standards to identify areas where employees could improve through job skills training or employee development
    • Review, consolidate and recommend training to upgrade skills of supervisee to improve performance and productivity and to ensure people skills and experience are sufficient for present and future needs
    • Observe/enforce the Company Code of Employee Discipline in accordance with the established Center-policies and guidelines and other administrative orders
    • Monitor and assess attendance and performance and recommend action on matters of hiring, disciplinary action, transfer and promotion


  • Excellent English written and oral communication skills
  • Advanced networking and presentation skills
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and WordPress
  • Mastery of MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and Google Docs and Slides
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Social Sciences, Fund Raising, or their equivalent
  • At least three years progressive managerial experience in a non-profit organization focusing on communications, program planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Resource mobilization and partnership experience an advantage

Application process

  • Fill out our application form, which can be accessed here.
  • Deadline for applications is on April 27, 2018.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be contacted no later than May 3, 2018.
  • For inquiries, kindly send an email to or contact Operations Associate May Fer Tupaz at 755-2332 loc 2519.