Dr. Krista Yu awarded as OML Center’s Climate Frontiers Fellow for Society and Development

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February 26, 2024
Oscar M. Lopez Center hosts Forum on Deaf-Inclusive Climate Action on Earth Day 2024
April 24, 2024
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Dr. Krista Yu awarded as OML Center’s Climate Frontiers Fellow for Society and Development

The Oscar M. Lopez Center is proud to announce the selection of Dr. Krista Danielle S. Yu as the 2024 Climate Frontiers Fellow for Society and Development (S&D). This esteemed Fellowship is part of the Center’s commitment to fostering long-term, climate-resilient thinking and decision-making. By investing in the capacity of outstanding individuals, the Center aims not only to advance its mission of making actionable knowledge but also to benefit broader sections of society through research, practice, communications, and advocacy in climate change.

The Center’s Climate Frontiers Fellowship is designed to recognize and support high-performing individuals whose work has significantly contributed to actionable science in their field. Dr. Yu has consistently demonstrated the breadth and depth of her understanding of the social aspects of climate change adaptation in the Philippines through her research work. Dr. Yu’s selection acknowledges her potential to produce pioneering work based on her knowledge on the vulnerabilities and impacts of climate disasters and their implications for the country’s development. Her applied research on economic models, disaster risk analysis, and socio-economic impacts of climate-related events have been significant to the immediate communities and to the country’s understanding of climate change as a whole.

Dr. Yu has previously worked with the Center as its Senior Expert since 2015 on different projects. Currently, she is a Senior Expert for Project Upturn in the further development of the risk and resilience index tools. Moreover, she continuously works with different experts in relevant areas through her national and international affiliations. Dr. Yu has demonstrated her capacity of being a thought leader with a couple of National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) awards, as well as in her landmark publications and editorial roles in social science journals that will benefit the S&D program of the Center.

Her expertise is expected to bridge the gap in understanding the social aspects of climate change, enhancing the Center’s interdisciplinary initiatives aimed at promoting collective climate action. Throughout her fellowship, Dr. Yu will engage in various projects aimed at integrating diverse knowledge bases and fostering a deeper understanding of climate change’s impacts on society and development. 

Dr. Yu’s fellowship will also focus on guiding key OML Center projects, such as Project Upturn and the Sea Level Rise Project, ensuring that these initiatives incorporate a comprehensive assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation options. Her involvement is expected to enhance the Center’s research agenda and strengthen its capacity to address climate change challenges through innovative solutions.

For more information about the Climate Frontiers Fellowship, see our website: https://www.omlopezcenter.org/05122023-call-for-nominations-climate-frontiers-fellowship/