Eleventh Hour: “Animating local climate research through ‘Sanga Pulo’ media campaign”

IPCC Virtual Press Conference on Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability scheduled on 28 February 2022
February 28, 2022
Eleventh Hour: “Traditional knowledge is a common thread that runs through climate change and resilience”
February 28, 2022
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The Climate Reality Project Philippines’ Manila Bulletin column “Eleventh Hour” featured Salikhain Kolektib, an art and research group focused on environmental action, and their “Sanga Pulo: Sampung Sanga-sangang Kwentong Klima ng mga Pulo”.

“Sanga Pulo” is a ten-episode short animation series that follows the diary of a teenager who lives on a small island. Through the teen’s eyes, we learn about her home island, their daily realities, and how the changing climate is already affecting their community.

Salikhain Kolektib is composed of Ralph C. Lumbres, Juan Miguel Torres, Eric Sister, Ness Roque, Maricon Montajes, Johanna Marie Astrid Sister, and Rye Tipay. The team is one of the recipients of the Umalohokan Grants under the OML Center’s Balangay Media Project.

The Climate Reality Project Philippines is a media partner of the 2021 Balangay Media Project. Read “Animating local climate research through ‘Sanga Pulo’ media campaign” on the Manila Bulletin website.

Read more information on Salikhain Kolektib’s participation in the Balangay Media Project.