FSL Interpreters (Project SIGND)

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November 2, 2022
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November 16, 2022
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FSL Interpreters (Project SIGND)

Facilitate communication and coordination among Deaf and hearing individuals involved in Project SIGND through the use of Filipino Sign Language, and perform other related tasks and functions


Facilitate communication and coordination among Deaf and hearing individuals involved in Project SIGND through the use of Filipino Sign Language (FSL), and perform other related tasks and functions

Project Description

In partnership with Deaf-led organizations, and in support of the recommendations of the UN for disability-inclusive climate action (2020), the Oscar M. Lopez (OML) Center embarks on a project entitled “Climate Resilience of the Deaf: Signs for Inclusive Governance and Development.” Called Project SIGND, it aims to increase the preparedness and adaptive capacities of the Deaf to climate-related risks and disasters by increasing access to and participation in hearing-led programs on climate action and DRRM, while strengthening policies and capacitating key policymakers, implementors, Deaf advocates and Hearing champions towards more inclusive governance and resilience building.

With funding from the USAID Disability-inclusive Climate Action (DCA) Fund, Project SIGND is implemented through a grant from the Gerry Roxas Foundation (GRF).


  • Provide 20-24 hours of full range of interpreting services (sign and voice) monthly for Deaf project team members, partners, and other project stakeholders in both online and onsite project activities, such as but not limited to: (a) project meetings and consultations, (b) trainings, workshops, conferences, and other fora, and (c) announcements, conversations, events, and other spoken word situations. Interpreting hours may be rolled over to succeeding months, should it fall short or exceed the indicated range.
  • Assist in coordinating interpreting requirements and schedules, including assessing and coordinating lighting, seating arrangements, video documentation, etc.
  • Coordinate with relevant project staff to gain understanding of concepts to better prepare for interpreting tasks and duties
  • Work effectively with other sign language interpreters
  • Provide support in promoting good relations between Deaf and hearing individuals
  • Participate in the systematic review and evaluation of sign language interpreting services and activities of the project, and related spheres in general, to improve interpreting system and services, as well as improve Deaf-hearing communication and coordination
  • Make oneself available for all interpreting requirements


  • Sufficient interpreting skills and experience in sign-to-voice and voice-to-sign interpreting in various situations (educational, technical, etc.), and for various purposes (meetings, workshops, conferences, etc.), preferably with certification
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Filipino Sign Language, and spoken English and Filipino
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, especially in communicating and building relationships with both Deaf and hearing
  • Knowledge of Deaf culture and community; knowledge of climate change and related topics an advantage
  • Excellent customer service skills to provide prompt, courteous, and improved service at all times. They must also be able to show empathy to clients, partners, collaborators, and respond to their concerns with sensitivity
  • Flexibility to work within a changing schedule
  • Teamwork, as well as ability to work independently

Application Process

  • Fill out our application form, which can be accessed here.
  • For inquiries, kindly send an email to [email protected]