February 23, 2017

Weather, Climate and Ecosystems

The WaCE program developed an approach to integrating climate information for social and ecological resilience as inputs to adaptation decision-making.
February 21, 2017

Progress of Climate Research in the Philippines

An assessesment of the progress of conferences in providing a venue to share climate-related research while determining the state of climate knowledge in the Philippines
February 21, 2017

The State of the Philippine Climate

An annual report that provides a summary of observations of the country's climate and climate-related disasters
February 16, 2017

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February 9, 2017

Newly published: Identifying adaptation strategies for farmers using LiDAR and GIS

Recently released in a new SEARCA publication, an OML Center study looked into the application of geographic information systems in the flood-affected rice-growing areas of Apalit, Pampanga
January 5, 2017

Science and Innovation for Disaster Risk Finance: A Data Visualization

Get a bird's-eye-view of the role science and technology must play in the field of disaster risk financing, as discussed at the ARISE Top Leaders Forum.
December 20, 2016

Round Table Discussion on Coastal Ecosystems Rehabilitation and Management

A round table discussion on coastal ecosystems rehabilitation and management is to be hosted by OML Center, in partnership with […]
December 20, 2016

CBA9 Website Goes Live

The conference will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from 24-30 April 2015, and the theme will be ‘Measuring and enhancing […]