Balangay Film – Mga Kwento ng Klima Short Films

The power of storytelling through film. 

The Mga Kwento ng Klima Short Films is a competition for independent and professional filmmakers launched by the Oscar M. Lopez Center in 2022 which aims to capture the unique Filipino experience of climate change, and more importantly convey the need for urgent climate action using mobile phones.

This initiative is part of the Center’s Balangay Project, which aims to engage a broader network in the discussion on climate change to enable collective action.

The MKK Shorts is an extension of the OML Center and ABS-CBN DocuCentral’s 60-minute documentary produced in 2019 entitled “Mga Kwento ng Klima”, which features how climate has shaped Filipino culture and identity.

Mga Kwento ng Klima is a 60-minute documentary that features an engaging story of the changing climate, its impacts on the country, and how Filipinos have been adapting to it. 

The documentary received a Silver Screen Award in the Environment category of the US International Film and Video Festival.The documentary can be viewed in parts here: