Dr. Laura David awarded first Climate Frontiers Fellow for Climate Resilience

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Dr. Laura David awarded first Climate Frontiers Fellow for Climate Resilience

In recognition of her invaluable contributions to the scientific community, the OML Center has awarded the 2020 Climate Frontiers Fellowship for Climate Resilience to Dr. Laura T. David. Dr. David is one of the leading physical oceanographers and multi-awarded female scientists in the country, and is currently director of the UP Marine Science Institute (UP-MSI).

The Climate Frontiers Fellowship seeks to recognize talented and high-performing individuals in specific fields of expertise, whose work has significantly contributed or has significant potential to contribute to the Center’s mission of actionable science. 

A pioneer in ocean remote sensing in the Philippines, Dr. David is constantly tapped locally and internationally to assist in matters related to climate change vulnerability and adaptation. She is among the Outstanding Young Scientist awardees of the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) in 2007.  She was among the recipients of The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service award in 2010 and a L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science National Fellow in 2011. Dr. David is also a member of the National Technical Panel of Experts (NPTE) of the Climate Change Commission (CCC), providing advice on climate processes and programs.

Dr. David joined the OML Center’s Philippine Climate Change Assessment (PhilCCA) team in June 2013. She was Chapter Lead Author for the PhilCCA Working Group Report 2 which was published in 2017. The PhilCCA synthesizes scientific information from international and local literature to provide an assessment of climate change for the Philippines and identify gaps in scientific literature.

She has been a member of the editorial board of the Climate, Disaster and Development Journal (CDDJ) since May 2015. The CDDJ publishes open-access, peer-reviewed papers focusing on all aspects and interactions of climate, disasters and development and their interaction. She has also been providing the Center technical advice and guidance on coastal ecosystems and climate change in general and for specific projects. 

Dr. David was also a featured resource person in the production of Mga Kwento ng Klima, an award-winning documentary produced by the OML Center in collaboration with ABS-CBN DocuCentral, which chronicles the story of climate change in the context of the Filipino experience. 

As a Climate Frontiers Fellow for Climate Resilience, Dr. David will provide technical guidance and advice in the conceptualization and development of the Center’s projects and activities relating to climate change impacts on coastal and marine ecosystems, climate change adaptation, and resilience. She will also give significant insights into communicating the science of climate change to the Center’s target publics. Dr. David will continue to serve as CDDJ Editorial Member and as a guest editor of a special issue. She will also be serving as a resource speaker/person in relevant Center events and activities.

To know more about the PhilCCA and to download the full reports, click this link.

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