Klima Film Festival 2021

In its second year, Klima Film Festival (KFF) 2021 featured a few improvements: it expanded the film length from 7 minutes to 10 minutes, expanded the age range to allow actor members to the age of 25, and increased the cash prizes with the top award receiving PHP 70,000.  With the theme “Adapting for a Sustainable Future: Stepping Up Local Climate Action in a Post-Pandemic World,” KFF 2021 received six entries, four of which were shortlisted for final review and judging. Find out more about the films below.

If you would like to screen the films or access them for academic purposes, please send your request through these forms: for individuals and for organizations. If you have other questions about the film festival, feel free to contact CCC via [email protected]. You can also reach us via [email protected].

Viridescent is a drama-filled science fiction in the tradition of its prequel, Verdant. In the sequel, a visionary woman and a defeatist man must work together to retrieve crucial biological data that has been lost. Then, with a breakdown in communication between the two, a one-man mission arose— the one-man mission of a woman, to fulfill their dream of securing planet Earth for humankind again.

Cast: Mikone Joshua Calungsod and Leila Amore Galvez Writer and Director: Mikone Joshua Calungsod

Awards: Best Film, Best in Climate Advocacy, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography

Sigalot is the story of three siblings – Luntian, Benilda, and Bagwis – who live in a coastal community, doing their little part in cleaning up the environment, even when met with cynicism and even ridicule. When a typhoon hit the community, the siblings had to decide whether to help those who ridiculed them or put themselves first above others.

Cast: Michael Japone, Vhenalyn Balanon, and Jenard Magaoay Director: Erwin Adupe

Awards: 1st Runner-up, Best Musical Scoring, Best Director – Erwin Adupe

Tanaw is the story of Aira Mendoza, a 17-year-old humanities student whose schoolwork leads her to in-depth research on the many reasons for climate change, and the complexities that come with it.

Cast: Andrea Marie Bool, Donna Kristel Verana, and Elizalde Laylo Jr. Writer: Kaila Ysavl Bergonio and Fred Autor Director: Kaila Ysavl Bergonio

Awards: 2nd Runner-up, Best Screenplay, Best Performance – Andrea Marie Bool for her role as “Aira Mendoza”, Gender-Responsive Award

Modern Stray is the story of Sunny, dubbed as a cheeky, rude, and materialistic woman. As she is writing content for her YouTube channel, she sees a picture of her childhood home in Batangas and hatches a plan to feature her provincial roots.

Cast: Fernalynne Santos and Justine Jay Daanoy Writer: Jhunel Monterde and Rayshelle Lozada Director: Rayshelle Lozada

Award: Audience Choice Award

Marcel, a young adventurer, explores a forest that is home to an enchanting nature spirit which serves as its guardian.

Lost in the forest, Marcel looks for the way out— and as he does, he plays his flute. Awash in its tones, Marcel sleeps, and dreams.

In his dream, Marcel sees the nature spirit wandering around the forest. In search of the spirit, Marcel finds himself in the mountains— dry and scorching hot, with no sign of life anywhere.

Cast: Harvey Yagyagen and Jaleh Lomerez Writer and Director: Flynn Mendoza

Luna is an influencer and an ambassador for a climate change campaign, well-known among the youth. One day, Luna is caught throwing garbage improperly. Will her reputation be ruined?

Cast: Claire Arevalo, Dani Robles, Majo Mendoza, Lance Maunahan, and Rexie Dumalag Writer and Director: Jam Arzadon