CCC, OML Center hold digital press launch for Klima Film Festival

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The Climate Change Commission (CCC) and the Oscar M. Lopez Center held a digital press launch for the Klima Film Festival (KFF) on Wednesday, July 8, 2020. Attended by members of the press, youth organizations, and lawmakers, the launch highlighted the role of the youth in raising awareness on climate change. 

The launch was held on Zoom’s Digital Meeting Platform and was streamed via the CCC’s Facebook page.

The KFF is a competition aiming to mainstream the effects of climate change through compelling storytelling and cinematic techniques. It is open to the Filipino youth aged 16 to 22. Interested participants can register from June 30 to July 31. Participants are required to join free, online climate workshops and film labs to help them develop a deeper understanding of climate change and storytelling techniques.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Rodel Lasco, executive director of the OML Center said “the genesis of this activity is in the realization that as a science organization, the Oscar M. Lopez Center needs to be more than just about the science. We need to communicate, translate the science into compelling stories. Dr. Lasco added, “We want to generate science-based storytelling with a local context, narratives that encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, stories that inspire hope and action.”

CCC Commissioner Rachel Anne Herrera emphasized the role of the youth during her welcome remarks saying “We conceptualized the Klima Film Festival, together with the Oscar M. Lopez Center, by putting emphasis on the biggest challenge of our time that is climate change, and the vital role of our youth in driving climate action.” 

Perpilili Vivienne Tiongson, associate director and programs manager of the OML Center and Ludwig Federigan of the CCC discussed objectives of the competition, underscoring the need to increase awareness and understanding of climate change through film, involve the youth in mainstreaming information on the effects of climate change, and provide a venue for short climate films by generating science-based storytelling. The mechanics of the competition were also discussed during the launch. 

Acknowledging the power of storytelling, Rep. Edgar M. Chatto of the 1st District of Bohol and chair of the House Committee on Climate Change said “A single film can become the impetus to influence citizens to act for a noble cause.” Rep. Chatto added, “For a subject as complicated as climate change and the science behind it, it is a great challenge to explain this to the public. Now, we have the medium to do it.”

Antique Rep. Loren Legarda also expressed support for the KFF. In her message delivered by Comm. Herrera, Rep. Legarda said “As the youth constitute the majority of the population in many countries, their increasingly strong social and environmental awareness should inspire us to do more and better our work to address the climate crisis.” Rep. Legarda called on the youth to use the KFF platform to make their voices heard.

The top ten entries will have a chance to win special awards and cash prizes during the awarding ceremony on November 25.

Both the CCC and OML Center also said during the launch that there are other projects in the pipeline aside from the KFF.

The KFF is part of the OML Center’s Balangay Project which aims to chronicle the stories of climate change in the context of the Filipino experience and how it has shaped the Filipino identity and culture. 

Read the mechanics here.

Watch the launch here.

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