OML Center hosts eCCET Helper, UpTurn Tool workshops for Hagonoy and Calanogas LGUs

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July 9, 2024
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OML Center hosts eCCET Helper, UpTurn Tool workshops for Hagonoy and Calanogas LGUs

PASIG CITY, PHILIPPINES — The Oscar M. Lopez (OML) Center has recently conducted workshops with 2 local government units (LGUs) under its Capacity Development (CapDev) Series for the eCCET Helper and Upturn Tools. 

Launched in 2022, the eCCET Helper and Upturn Tool are decision-support tools for planners aimed to assist local planners in climate-informed and evidence-based climate adaptation planning processes. This year, the Center has rolled-out a number of new features in the tools, which include an automated assessment of an LGU’s risk and resilience based on their climate change priorities inside the Upturn Tool, and an enhanced search feature for climate change adaptation solutions in the eCCET Helper. 

To ensure the user-friendliness of tools tailored to local planners’ needs, the Center is organizing the “eCCET and Upturn Tools Capacity Development Series.” This initiative will consist of hands-on workshops with local government unit officers. The goal is to help participants acquire practical experience and knowledge through the use of the tools, enabling them to integrate evidence-based climate information and strategies into their work. The Center is hoping this initiative will bolster LGUs’ capacity to develop resilient and adaptive communities in the face of climate change challenges.

Last June 13-14, the Knowledge Production (KP) Unit conducted a workshop with LGU Hagonoy, Bulacan, at the Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas, Pasig City. The two-day workshop, facilitated by KP Assistant Manager Alfi Lorenz Cura and KP Manager Ayn G. Torres, together with OMLC Fellow Dr. Krista Danielle S. Yu. The LGU Hagonoy delegation was led by Municipal Planning and Development Officer Marvin Reyes, EnP, together with colleagues from the Planning and DRRM offices.

More recently, the KP team similarly held a workshop with LGU Calanogas, Lanao del Sur at the Loft Spaces, One Corporate Center in Ortigas, Pasig City last July 2-3, 2024. The delegation was headed by Municipality Planning and Development Officer Albert Doligol, EnP, together with colleagues from the DRRM, Accounting, and HR Offices.

In both workshops, the LGUs were given a short refresher on risk-based climate change adaptation planning, followed by hands-on tutorials and workshops on the use of the eCCET and Upturn decision support tools. Apart from knowledge-sharing and capacity-building, the activity has similarly been a venue for OML to gain insights to further improve the tools based on actual users’ needs in adaptation planning. 

The OMLC is still accepting registration to the free workshops for interested LGUs. Interested LGUs may reach out to us through this link.