Climate Resilience Challenge

The Climate Resilience Challenge (CRC) aims to surface innovative interdisciplinary and solution-oriented ideas that build and enhance resilience in the Philippines. It is intended to be a regular program of the OML Center, with Challenge themes (including priority areas, target sectors, target actors) and target applicants varying per cycle.  

The Challenge is open to any number of individual researchers, departments, centers or groups representing higher educational institutions (HEIs) in the Philippines that have Level IV accreditation, as well as their attached research centers and institutes. 

Initial submissions must include a problem statement, the innovative solution, and a pathway to implementation, and are evaluated based on scientific evidence, innovation, feasibility and operational sustainability, and impact.

Submissions that pass the first screening participate in development and ideation sessions where they can interact with public sector partners that may further inform, and private, public, or civil sector representatives that may potentially implement the solution.

To help further and support their proposed solutions, prizes are awarded to submissions that meet the evaluative criteria and are recommended for final shortlisting.

For the maiden Challenge, solutions must focus on transformative national, provincial, or local strategies that Private Sector Actors can undertake to address the climate risks of a vulnerable sector or community in the following priority areas: Food and Water Security, Livelihood and Essential Services, and Climate-Health Systems

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For its second cycle,  solutions must focus on climate change adaptation strategies for Philippine coastal communities, particularly in the areas of Climate-Resilient Livelihoods, Coastal and Marine Ecosystems, and Reducing Vulnerability of Communities against Sea Level Rise, that Private, Public, and Civil Sector Actors can take on to address challenges in achieving coastal and marine resilience.

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