We believe that science thrives on collaboration and partnerships.

Through strong partnerships, we move closer to the goal of climate action and sustainable development. Find out more about the sectors that help us magnify our impact.


The private sector is one of the most valuable players in the drive to build society’s resilience to climate change and its related disasters.

In light of this, we work towards enabling solutions that build business resilience in the face of changing physical and social landscapes.

This includes enhancing the private sector’s knowledge and capacity to make climate-informed decisions through sector-specific risk analysis and decision support systems.


Policymakers play a critical role in ensuring sustainable and climate-resilient development.

By working closely with the public sector, we position ourselves as a supporting agent in strengthening plans and policies for climate-responsive growth.

We support their efforts to address climate risk not only by enhancing strategies for risk analysis and climate information production, but also the appropriate integration of that information into development plans and policies.



We pride ourselves in the strategic and influential networks we belong to within the academe.

We continue to expand these links by collaborating with leading research and academic institutions that align with our goals of building climate resilience.

It is through these partnerships that we are able to push the boundaries of climate knowledge and discovery, as well as translate that into information that is relevant to the target beneficiaries that we serve.


Civil Society

Civil society plays a unique and pivotal role in driving development in an equitable and just direction.

We value the shared visions and perspectives that they have for advancing climate resilience in the face of extreme vulnerability.

We seek and welcome strategic collaborations with civil society entities in realizing common goals through dialogues, exchange of experiences and expertise, as well as in developing solutions for enhancing resilience.


Multilateral Organizations

Climate change is a global issue, but it is felt locally at varying degrees. In light of its transnational nature, we aim to align with regional and global efforts to address it.

We seek collaborations with multilateral organizations not only to expand our networks, but to strengthen their local presence and ensure context-specific approaches.

In working with us, we believe they are assured of targeting the most crucial challenges to building climate resilience.


Faith-based Organizations and Media

Ultimately, we believe in building resilience at all levels of society.

With this in mind, we realize that our work will not be complete without the help of reliable and influential channels–particularly faith-based and media organizations–to multiply our messages.

We welcome engagements with faith-based organizations and the media in order to disseminate climate information and promote climate change resilience.



We welcome contributions from individuals, funding agencies or foundations, non-government organizations, and government and private sectors groups.

Our donors enjoy the following tax incentives: exemption from payment of donor’s tax and full deductibility of donations made to science foundations for income tax purposes.

You may contact [email protected] for further inquiries.

Thank you in advance for your support.