Science and Innovation for Disaster Risk Finance: A Data Visualization

Round Table Discussion on Coastal Ecosystems Rehabilitation and Management
December 20, 2016
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February 9, 2017
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Science and Innovation for Disaster Risk Finance: A Data Visualization

If we can create systems to better account for potential losses and damage even before disasters strike, we will be better prepared when they do.

This was the driving idea behind the breakout session we held at this year’s ARISE Top Leaders Forum, entitled “Science and Technology for Disaster Risk Finance.”

A multi-stakeholder meeting representing the academic, public, and private sectors, the discussion centered on the ways science and technology can and must aid in the development and implementation of financial instruments for disaster risk financing—a job that’s been tagged as a crucial building block for resilience.

The panelists included our Scientific Director Dr. Rodel Lasco, Ms. Catherine Maceda, Managing Director of the Center for Clean and Renewable Energy Development, Ms. Lourdes Tibig of the Climate Change Commission of the Philippines, and Ms. Cherry Lorenzo of the National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines. The discussions was moderated by Mr. Mitch Rellosa, President and Chief Operating Officer at Fortune General Insurance Corp.

In the graphic below, we highlight the key discussion points of the breakout session. (Click the image to be able to zoom in)

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