Special Project: Yolanda

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February 24, 2017
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February 28, 2017
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Special Project: Yolanda

Special Project Yolanda: An Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Study in the Yolanda-Affected Areas was initiated by the Center in November 2013 and concluded in March 2015.

The objective of the study was to provide the national and local government agencies with scientific input as regards the restoration and improvement of settlements, facilities, livelihood, and ecosystems, as well as the reduction of disaster risks in local communities.

The study was divided in two components: Vulnerability Assessment and Land Use Planning Management (VA-LUPM), and Ecosystems Rehabilitation and Management (ERM).

The VA-LUPM component aimed to provide guidance and policy recommendations for the local governments of Tacloban City, Palo, Ormoc City and Kananga in developing future development plans. The team was composed of Luigi Toda, Justine Ravi Orduña and Carlos Manuel Tito Santos.

The ERM component focused on mangrove rehabilitation and evaluated the role of coastal vegetation in protecting nearby communities from storm surges brought about by typhoons. The team was composed of Rafaela Jane Delfino, Carlo Carlos, Dr. Laura David, and Dr. Drandreb Earl Juanico.