Support Services Senior Manager

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Support Services Senior Manager

Responsible for leading in the management and organization of auxiliary programs and services in support of the Center's core functions


The Support Services Senior Manager will provide leadership in the management and organization of auxiliary programs and services in support of the Center’s core functions. He/She is primarily responsible for the development and administration of internal and external operations through effective and efficient structures, systems, processes and policies to meet organizational requirements. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Leadership and management
    a. Play an active role in the planning, development and implementation of structural, procedural and organizational matters wherever appropriate
    b. Help develop a working environment that builds team effectiveness, encourages professionalism and optimum performance, and is accepting of change for success
    c. Provide support to the Executive Director and the Programs Department so that the performance of their functions is effective and efficient
    d. Act as main contact point for external partners, consultants, contractors, and other entities covering the Center’s support services
  2. Organizational management
    a. Oversee the management of the Center’s finances to establish and drive a system of  sound financial planning, recording, monitoring and reporting
    b. Ensure financial management policies to meet audit and other legal requirements
    c. Work with relevant Center staff to develop and oversee the different areas of HR management, such as recruitment, compensation and benefits, performance management, etc.
    d. Ensure HR policies and protocols are in place, regularly updated and followed accordingly
    e. Manage and oversee the implementation of a preventative maintenance program plan for all the Center’s assets, supplies, etc., including space and utilities management
    f. Oversee the provision of support in terms of administrative, secretarial and/or clerical assistance to Senior Management, including service as Assistant Corporate Secretary to the Board
  3. Financial Management
    a. Supervise the development and monitoring of financial plans in accordance with approved policies
    b. Secure, process, monitor fund sources, donations, including issuance of official receipt.
    c. Supervise, ensure quality control of financial transactions (payments, purchases, invoices, expenses, etc.)
    d. Ensure timely payroll and remittance of taxes
    e. Ensure submission to the Executive Director of monthly, quarterly, annual financial reports, statements, etc.
    f. Ensure records, books of accounts are up to date, accurate, etc.
    g. Coordinate preparation of annual financial statements, internal and external audit
    h. Ensure that financial documents are filed accordingly
    i. Support fundraising and development initiatives
  4. Tax, compliance and audit
    a. Ensure compliance of/with taxes and other government-/legal-/other mandated requirements and payments
    b. Participate in external audit
    c. Participate in, coordinate internal audit, reconciliation, etc.
  5. HR and Admin Operations
    a. Supervise, manage all aspects of HR functions across employee life cycle, in coordination with management
              i. Act as compensation and benefits counsellor; prepare packages; recommend increases, design career pathing, succession planning, etc.
              ii. Consistently evaluate the processes and policies on recruitment, employee satisfaction, performance/productivity, staff development, etc.; recommend actions
    b. Act as mediator, counsellor, facilitator in disputes, complaints, etc.
    c. Support board engagement activities, organize board meetings
    d. Coordinate, manage, monitor contracts, vendors, third parties
    e. Ensure timely compliance to government mandatories
    f. Supervise, manage admin and logistical operations and processes (legal, insurance, government, IT, telecom, safety, office management, staff management, etc.), including organizational activities
    g. Supervise, manage, control fixed assets, equipment, supplies, etc.
    h. Continuously improve systems, mitigate risks



  1. Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Human Resource, Finance or any related field is preferred; 
  2. At least 10 years of overall professional experience in middle or senior management in non-profit, particularly in administration, human resource and finance management;
  3. Excellent communication, leadership and planning and people-management skills; 
  4. Strategic thinker; 
  5. A multi-tasker with exceptional organizational, administrative and time management skills, and attention to detail