The 9th International Conference on Community Based Adaptation (CBA9) will be held in Nairobi, Kenya

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September 4, 2014
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September 11, 2014
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The 9th International Conference on Community Based Adaptation (CBA9) will be held in Nairobi, Kenya

Please note the following:

1.       Programme:
Arrive in Nairobi: 23rd April 2015
Field visits: 24th to 26th April
Conference: 27th to 30th April
Depart Nairobi: 30th April evening or 1st May

2.       Theme for CBA9:
The theme for CBA9 will be “Measuring and Enhancing the Effectiveness of Adaptation”.

3.       Working Groups:
The following Working Groups (with Group leader) will develop the plans for CBA9:

(i) Conference Programme: Hannah
(ii) Publications (before and after CBA9): Hannah
(iii) Liaising with High level invited guests: Saleem
(iv) Finance: Teresa
(vi) Out-of-the-box sessions: Hannah
(vii) Posters: Adrian
(viii) Field programme: Sarder
(ix) National Organizing Committee representatives (Kenya): Victor Orindi, Wangare Kirumba, Charles Tonui and Dr. George Mwaniki.
(v) Communications: Clair/Kate
(x) Online registration, Web page and social media: Matthew.

Anyone wishing to join one (or more) of the Working Groups should let us know.

4.       Kathmandu Declaration:
The Kathmandu Declaration has been designed and has its own website. Check here.

Everyone is asked to download the Kathmandu Declaration here. And then use it to hand over to decision makers (at local, national and international level). When you do so, please send a message (preferably with a photo of you handing it over) to us. These events and review progress will be collected at CBA9 next year. Please send message to [email protected] and use @iied #kd2014 for twitter message.

5.       Co-sponsorship:
As before, we are seeking co-sponsorship in either cash (minimum contribution of USD 10,000) or kind (paying for registration of at least 10 international participants).

6.       Field Sites:
If any of your organisations have programmes in Kenya and would like to host a field visit please let us know. The Kenyan organisers will be sending an invitation to host field visits soon.

For inquiries please contact the CBA9 team at [email protected]