Knowledge Resources Manager

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January 24, 2020
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February 6, 2020
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Knowledge Resources Manager

Primarily responsible for accumulating, organizing, utilizing and promoting the organization's knowledge assets and other intellectual property


The Knowledge Resources Manager is primarily responsible for accumulating, organizing, utilizing and promoting the organization’s knowledge assets and other intellectual property, constantly assessing knowledge and information to ensure smooth and systematic processes and for optimal benefit.

The Knowledge Resources Manager supports and promotes the transformation of the Center’s knowledge resources to ensure the promotion of the Center as a credible and accessible resource in climate change discourse.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan, support, develop and manage strategies, tools and opportunities for knowledge and information management
    • In coordination with other knowledge owners, identify knowledge critical to the Center, focusing on strategic categories (know-why) rather than technical knowledge (know-how)
    • Establish and manage implementation of systems, policies, and processes for effective information gathering, processing, evaluation, storage, utilization, dissemination, access, retrieval, etc.
    • Develop, support, and facilitate knowledge exchange processes and integration mechanisms
      1. Coordinate with other knowledge/information providers, brokers, etc. within and outside the Center organization
      2. Develop, support and promote opportunities to facilitate knowledge sharing such as communities of practice
  • Conduct research, analyze, and promote the generation of knowledge materials to be shared, published and/or disseminated by the Center, primarily building on the Center’s knowledge resources to add value and impact
    • Oversee documentation of all key activities, producing knowledge products to facilitate dissemination/replication of good practices
    • Develop and manage Center’s collection, synthesis and review of internal and external research outputs for eventual publication
      1. Coordinate the production, editing, proofing of all knowledge materials and set-ups
      2. Oversee the verification and authentication of the roster of publications that emanate from the Center’s work
    • Establish and manage links, certifications/accreditations and partnerships in support of the development and promotion of the publications, in coordination with other units
      1. Manage and coordinate registration of proprietary materials with appropriate government agencies (e.g. IPO, National Library, etc.)
  • Promote awareness, understanding, and utilization of Center’s knowledge management in alignment with Center goals
    • Develop KM readiness within the Center to impact performance and strategy
    • Create/promote KM culture
  • Administrative duties
    • Assist in the preparation of the Annual Work and Financial Plan of the Center and in the conduct of periodic monitoring and evaluation of projects
    • Prepare necessary reports and documentation including technical and financial reports of completed projects and activities
    • Develop and manage staff and budgets
    • Develop, recommend systems, policies, procedures, standards, etc.
  • Master’s degree in Environmental Science, Development Communication, Science Journalism or equivalent
  • With at least 10 years professional management experience in a non-profit environment and strong background in journal editorial process, publishing, and knowledge resources management
  • Formal training on/technical knowledge of climate change, disaster risk reduction and management, and sustainable development, with research experience an advantage
  • Excellent communication and editing skills, with good command over English language, and attention to details
  • Deadline-driven and strong project and time management, organizational, and coordination skills
  • Ability to handle and respect the sensitive, private and confidential nature of information related to journal submission and peer review process

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