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Focusing on the issues of climate change adaptation and disaster risk management, the Resilience Grants program is our means of enabling solutions that are science-based, innovative, and, most importantly, practicable.

We acknowledge that, in order to be truly effective, initiatives to address climate-risks require the collaborative efforts of minds from various fields. We welcome the proposals of natural scientists as eagerly as those of social scientists, business professionals, public servants, and the like.

Research and Innovation Grants

These grants are awarded to groups whose projects will develop localized and impact-driven knowledge and tools for climate change adaptation and disaster risk management in the Philippines.

Core Research Areas

The Philippines is in needs of a more localized and impact-driven body of research, knowledge, and tools on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction and management. In line with this, we encourage proposals that fall under the following themes:

Climate Risk and Resilience

  • Projects that will support assessment of current and future risks and determine the most appropriate strategies for managing these risks
  • Measures that seek to strengthen climate resiliency of communities

Climate Change Impacts on Sectors

  • Projects that will look into climate change impacts on ecosystems and primary industries, society (values, attitudes, climate resilient culture), justice, policy, governance, health, and the private sector

Advances in Climate Science

  • Innovations in climate science that will spur new solutions and have practical application in the areas of climate dynamics and modelling, climate prediction/weather forecasting, GIS and remote sensing, and loss and damage, among others
  • Early-stage climate adaptation technologies that will be able to demonstrate practical application of climate science

Realizing the need to ensure that the science creates real impact on its target sectors, beneficiaries and the society at large, we will only accept proposals for projects that can demonstrate utilization/use and impact of project outputs.


Alignment with the OML Center

  • Focuses on our core themes and contributes to achieving our goal of promoting climate resilient community through strong stakeholder engagement, strategic partnerships and linkages, and sustainability strategies
  • Demonstrates its prospect to contribute to public policy, governance or program planning, and market relevance towards future sustainability decisions and policy outcomes


  • Demonstrates the potential for impact and a high rate of success for effectiveness
  • Focuses on how the the solution will make a difference in the lives of the target stakeholders, rather than just on how a situation will be improved

Technical Soundness

  • Demonstrates innovation and provides credible and relevant data that strengthens its technical components

Financial Leverage and Cost-Effectiveness

  • Proposed budget reflects a balance between realistic deliverables vis-à-vis required resources (e.g. staffing; property and equipment; operational/administrative needs), and the project duration

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Includes an M&E framework that can serve as metric for evaluating projected vis-à-vis actual benefits and outcomes

Geographic Focus

  • In general, we fund projects in all parts of the Philippines, particularly in areas that are most vulnerable to climate-related risks and disasters
  • Geographic funding focus, however, is also dependent upon our current strategic priority

  • Main applicant should be the implementing agency, who shall be responsible for the administration of the project and budget. For partnership arrangements, one of the partners must serve as the main applicant. A project management structure and/or mechanism should accompany the proposal, clearly stating division of functions and accountability of each project member.
  • Main applicant should have legal status in the Philippines through its registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Individuals may seek out an entity to sponsor them in this application, in which case the sponsoring entity serves as the main applicant with the individual as the Project Lead. For government units, agencies, etc., provide documentary evidence of legal basis (e.g. RA, EO, MC, etc.) for creation/establishment of such entity.
  • Main applicant (or Project Lead) should demonstrate capacity and capability to manage the project, including willingness to design and implement the project from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  • Requested funding should not exceed 50% of the main applicant’s annual budget, to avoid the scenario where this grant becomes the main applicant’s main source of funding.
  • Main applicant should have no partisan/political associations.

How to Apply
  1. Download the required forms, located below the concept note on this page
  2. Accomplish the Pre-Proposal Concept Note
    • Fill in the concept note field on the right-hand side of this page
    • Upon approval of of your concept note, accomplish the required templates and submit together with required documents:
    • Form 1. Background Information Sheet
      • Form 1.1 Main Proponent
      • Form 1.2 Project Lead
    • Form 2. Summary Proposal Template
    • Annexes
      • Annex 1. Workplan
      • Annex 2. Budget Summary (It is recommended that one-year projects limit their budget to PHP 1 million.)
      • Annex 2.1 Budget Schedule – Personnel Services
      • Annex 2.2 Budget Schedule –Operational Expenses
      • Annex 2.3 Budget Schedule – Equipment/Capital Expenses
      • Annex 2.4 Activity-Based Budget
    • Attachments
      • Copy of SEC Registration (with Articles of Incorporation)
      • Copy of BIR Registration / If government, copy of legal/official mandate
      • Copy of Audited Financial Statements of past two years

Thesis and Dissertation Grants

These grants are intended to support graduate students undertaking specific climate change research. However, the program’s criteria and guidelines are currently under review. Please check back soon.

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