Design of a car flotation system

Project Code

NP 2013-03


De La Salle University






PHP 1,409,860

Names of Grantees

Rosemary Seva, PhD; Alvin Chua, PhD

Executive Summary

This study aimed to design a car flotation system in response to past damage brought by flooding. Focus group discussions were used to assess the need for these flotation device and determine the features necessary in such a system. The second phase focused on development of a simulation program to verify the effectiveness of the designed flotation system using a Computational Fluid Dynamic software called ANSYS. This was followed by the fabrication of the cross design and the styro design. The experiment showed the effectiveness of the flotation device in floating and protecting the car, with the water reaching only half the wheel diameter. Another focus group discussion was conducted to have customers assess the design and identify potential problems. Finally, future directions of the research relating to the full scale design and testing were discussed.