WHATSUP1: Mobile website and mobile app to forecast and monitor local weather at any urban area, city, or critical watershed in the Philippines four times a day over five days

Project Code

NP 2013-05


University of the Philippines Diliman






PHP 1,649,450

Names of Grantees

Gerry Bagtasa, PhD

Executive Summary

Conventional weather forescasts make use of current measurements from weather stations all over the world, then utilize these in computer models to predict future weather. This project utilized a non-conventional method of using observation of people (crowd-sourced data) as an additional input to a weather prediction model, making use of the population’s online connectivity. A web and app-based interactive user interface, including well researched, population-sector appropriate visual and industrial design, was developed to gather data on users’ behavior towards weather forecast as well as utilize users’ observations in the field as an additional parameter in a weather forecast.