WHATSUP1: Mobile website and mobile app to forecast and monitor local weather at any urban area, city, or critical watershed in the Philippines four times a day over five days

Project Code

NP 2013-05


University of the Philippines Diliman






PHP 1,649,450

Names of Grantees

Gerry Bagtasa, PhD

Executive Summary

Weather affects almost all aspects of human civilization. While advancements in meteorology in the last century have enabled us to predict to a degree of accuracy future weather, forecasting remains imperfect. Particularly, the excessive energy prevalent in the tropics and how this is distributed and transferred to different locations makes predicting weather in the region difficult. This study seeks to develop an algorithm to improve current weather models and display the resulting forecast information through a mobile application. In addition, a feedback button is included to allow users to verify the correctness of the displayed forecast, resulting in crowd-sourced weather observations. While quantifying the increase in forecast accuracy is still on-going, qualitative improvements are presented in this report.