Water resources accounting for a climate change-ready Philippines

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Water resources accounting for a climate change-ready Philippines

NP 2014-03

Geoscience Foundation, Inc.



PHP 810,431

Carlos Primo David, PhD

In order to develop and implement effective water resource management strategies, it is vital that we understand how climate change may affect the water resources of the Philippines. This project sought to compile all pertinent information in order to calculate, on a basin-scale, the entirety of the country’s water resources and how climate change is projected to alter this. This data was then cross-referenced to data on sectoral water usage (domestic, industrial, agriculture, and environment), which was intended to serve as the foundation of a genuine program for water resources management. In this study, a website version of the Climate Change Impact Model for Philippine Water Resources (WebCCIM) was developed to compute the possible effects of climate change on the Philippines’ water resources sector.