Whose health, whose vulnerability: A stakeholder approach in assessing health-related vulnerability and adaptation in the Philippines

Project Code

NP 2014-04


De La Salle University






PHP 1,000,000

Names of Grantees

Dennis Erasga, PhD

Executive Summary

Existing vulnerability, adaptation, and mitigation assessment tools are often overly generic, and therefore fall short due to lack of focus and sensitivity to specific contexts. This project aims to fine-tune appropriate tools using actual experiences of selected communities that are often affected by a range of of climate change-related disasters. Using human health as focus and entry point, it uses a stakeholder-centric approach to generate context-sensitive tools that identified communities can design and revise according to changing situations. The output illustrates the value of careful stakeholder analysis for sustainable, effective, and planned adaptation–that which is both flexible and systematic enough to fulfill practical and scientific requirements for the study and assessment of ongoing adaptation processes and implementation.

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