Enhancing resilience and coping capacity of indigenous peoples to changing climate

Project Code

NP 2014-06


University of the Philippines Los Baños






PHP 1,322,544.00

Names of Grantees

Ana Maria Quimbo, PhD

Executive Summary

Indigenous peoples are generally dependent on natural resources for their livelihood. These natural resources are exposed to changing climate, which in turn threaten the very existence of the IPs. This research focused on the Aytas of Floridablanca, an IP in Pampanga and sought to analyze their coping capacity and resilience to changing climate. It aimed to assess the impact of climate change on the IPs’ livelihood their coping strategies, integrate indigenous knowledge with innovative science-based measures to improve their resilience and coping capacity, and evaluate the technical and social soundness of their Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development Protection Plan–a plan that identifies the programs and projects that will strengthen self-governance, alleviate poverty, protect the environment and cultural integrity, and build lasting peace and genuine development within the IP’s/ICC’s ancestral domains.