Harvesting and managing rainwater using Collapsible Rubber Tanks (CRT) to augment water supply and groundwater recharge and flood control

Project Code

NP 2014-07


University of the Philippines Los Baños






PHP 999,922.00

Names of Grantees

Engr. Marisa J. Sobremisana

Executive Summary

Rainwater harvesting technology is one effective strategy for mitigating the effects of climate change. The lack of adequate demonstration and documentation of its use, however, has resulted in its low impact adaptation. The objective of this project was to demonstrate the applicability of collapsible rubber tanks (CRTs) for harvesting rainwater in urban areas. It involved cost saving analysis using CRTs, the development and fabrication of local designs, the assessment of its acceptability and durability, and the influencing local water resources management through the demonstration of its effectiveness as a rainwater harvesting unit for water storage as well as flood control.