Development of climate envelope models for assessing climate change risk for milkfish (Chanos chanos Forsskål) aquaculture in coastal ponds

Project Code

NP 2015-15


Diliman Science Research Foundation, University of the Philippines Diliman






PHP 1,965,800.00

Names of Grantees

Benjamin M. Vallejo, Jr., PhD

Executive Summary

Milkfish aquaculture is one of many industries that will be affected by the changing climate. In response, this project seeks to assess the climate change risks for sites that may or may not be suitable for milkfish farming in coastal areas in the Philippines. It attempts to develop and test a climate envelope model (CEM) using the ecological forecasting approach and employ biogeographical modeling in CEM. Using CEM models implemented in GIS, a spatial assessment of which areas will be at risk and unsuitability for milkfish aquaculture will be presented.

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