A comparative analysis among disturbed, restored, and natural mangrove stands in the vulnerability and adaptability against climate change

Project Code

NP 2015-16


Ateneo De Manila University






PHP 1,990,340.00

Names of Grantees

Severino G. Salmo III, PhD

Executive Summary

Mangroves play a vital role in climate change resiliency and adaptation to sea level rise, in part by preserving forest floor elevations and storing large amounts of carbon. Mangrove loss necessarily puts carbon stocks at risk, and consequently lowers resiliency to the effects of climate change. Using field experiments, ecological modeling, and meta-analysis, this project aims to assess the contribution of mangroves in the vulnerability and adaptation against climate change. The results of the study could aid in the improvement of mangrove restoration practices, in conserving natural stands, and in optimizing the capacity of mangroves to enhance resiliency against climate change.