Development of a web-based tool for disaster risk reduction: A dynamic inoperability input-output model for the Philippines

Project Code

NP 2015-17


De La Salle University






PHP 999,200.00

Names of Grantees

Krista Yu, PhD; Kathleen Aviso, PhD; Maritess Tiongco, PhD; Michael Angelo Promentilla, PhD

Executive Summary

The interdependence of economic sectors creates an environment where disruptions caused by disasters may cascade from one industry to another, thereby threatening the stability of economies as a whole. With this in mind, there is a clear need to develop a tool that can simplify the process of disaster risk assessment such that they are accessible to policymakers. In response, this project introduced Disaster Risk Estimation and Analysis through Leontief Models (Disaster-REALM). It is a web-based freeware intended to help policymakers measure the impact of disasters given interdependent nature of economic sectors through inoperability input-output models and dynamic inoperability input-output models. Using a case study concerning a power shortage caused by drought, the results highlighted Disaster-REALM’s two key features: 1) its ability to model both the static and dynamic impact of disasters while accounting for interdependencies between sectors and 2) its ability to provide insights to inevident connections between and potential impacts of seemingly unrelated sectors.