Coral Reefs and Climate Change: Documenting and Sharing Reef Vulnerabilities and Resilience Using a Rapid Response Model

Project Code

RG 2017-18


De La Salle University






PHP 2,852,575.00

Names of Grantees

Wilfredo Roehl Licuanan, PhD

Executive Summary

Coral reefs are the richest ecosystems in the marine realm and are also highly threatened by climate change. It has been shown that the Verde Island Passage (VIP) is the richest portion of the Coral Triangle and likely represents the richest marine ecosystems in the world. The project aims to provide a baseline evaluation of the reef systems in the iconic VIP, in order to develop a set of tools and a “report card” that will enable local communities and industries to monitor the progress of climate change, its impacts on local reefs, and the success of mitigation undertaken to minimize impacts of these changes.

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