A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Settlement Behavior and Resiliency of Households and Businesses along a River

Project Code

RG 2017-19


Silliman University






PHP 1,972,162.00

Names of Grantees

Jorge Emmanuel, PhD

Executive Summary

Many residents and businesses in the Philippines are found near or along rivers, which will be increasingly prone to inundation and flash floods. An interdisciplinary approach is proposed to develop tools to understand resiliency and vulnerability of riverside communities in terms of settlement behavior, adaptive strategies, psycho-social, cultural, economic and other factors. The tools combine social surveys, flood inundation modeling and chemical-biological assessments using available data, and data analytics and visualization techniques. The approaches come from multiple disciplines — social science, geophysical science and engineering, chemical-biological sciences, and computer science. They will be used to help households and businesses along the Ocoy River become more resilient to flooding by adopting specific recommendations and enhancing policies, disaster response interventions, and disaster management plans. The results of the project, which would be applicable to many other river systems in the Philippines, will be disseminated regionally, nationally and internationally.